Komodo for Android (Play Store version)

Komodo runs on both 32- and 64-bit Android systems (on both ARM and x86 platforms). The Android version supports multicore devices and the full set of UCI options (including Syzygy tablebases, if you have them installed on your phone! [see note [1]]).

This document describes installation of the Play Store version of Komodo for Android. Note that Komodo is only a chess engine and you will need a chess GUI app in order to use it.

The Play Store version of Komodo supports both the ChessBase “MetaUCI” and the open-source “Open Exchange” formats. It is compatible with the ChessBase Online app, as well as several other chess GUIs.

At the time of this writing, the following apps provide built-in support for the ChessBase and/or Open Exchange formats:

Step 1: Installation and activation

Step 2: Using Komodo for Android

Every chess GUI has its own method for installing and using chess engines. Below you’ll find a brief description of setting up Komodo in the three recommended GUIs.

ChessBase Online

Chess PGN Master

Chess PGN Master, among many great features, provides an interface for setting all of Komodo’s UCI options, including Syzygy tablebase support.

Chess for Android

Thank you for purchasing Komodo for Android, we're confident that you'll enjoy using it.


  1. UCI option support depends on the GUI app you are using. At the time of this writing, only Chess PGN Master supports Komodo’s full range of UCI options.  ↩