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Komodo 13


New Improvements over 13.2:

  • +20 ELO in Multi-threaded Mode
  • Added new personalities: Aggressive, Positional, Beginner, Endgame, and more!

Introducing the all new Komodo, Komodo MCTS

Komodo 13 MCTS thinks like no other chess engine in the world. Inspired by the ideas of AlphaZero and Leela, Larry and Mark set out to reinvent Komodo. What they came up with was Komodo 13 MCTS - a engine which searches for candidate moves in an incredible new way, and finds moves no other engine can!?

Komodo mastermind GM Larry Kaufman introduces Komodo 13

Feb. 17, 2020

We have just released Komodo 13, an upgrade of 13.2.5, which was an upgrade from the version that recently won the World Computer Chess championship and World Software championship. Komodo 13.3 is primarily a strength upgrade on the standard version, roughly 15 elo from 13.2.5., with just a few elo gain in MCTS mode. Komodo 13.3 introduces a new feature, "Personalities", with playing styles modified to simulate different types of human players. Both normal and MCTS versions are about 25 to 35 elo stronger than 13.02, and about 40 elo stronger than Komodo 12.3 in normal mode, 75 elo stronger in MCTS mode. While the MCTS version is not yet as strong as normal Komodo (unless you are using MultiPV), we believe it is among the top 5 CPU engines, and we claim that it is the number 1 CPU engine when the engines have MultiPV set to 5 or more. Komodo 13.3 MCTS is much better than previous versions in its ability to utilize hardware with many cores. Elo gains in MCTS mode from version 12.1.1 are in the 250 to 350 range. We have also added one extra skill level to the top and three to the bottom. Komodo 13.3 fixes a problem with repeating time controls in 13.2, fixes some other minor bugs, has many improvements from that version, makes the Dynamism option work in MCTS mode, and adds a new feature, "Auto Skill", that adjusts the skill levels based on the course of the game.

What is the 'Komodo 13.3 + one year subscription'?

This option is for chess players who need the strongest possible engine. We release updates to Komodo three to five times per year. The subscription is basically Komodo 13.3 plus these 3-5 updates for a discount.

Note: Komodo 13.3 is available for immediate download after purchase. Log in to My Account to download.

Compatable GUIs

  • Chessbase
  • Fritz
  • Aquarium
  • Chess Assistant
  • Hiarcs Chess Explorer
  • Shredder (Classic)
  • Arena

System requirements

Minimum: Pentium III 366 MHz, 1024 MB ram

Operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX 10.5.8 or higher (Android version available only from Google).

Note: Komodo does not include a 'chessboard'. See Installation instructions.


Komodo is three-time TCEC champion, the most prestigious online computer chess event, and has also won several CCT events and several World Championships.


  • Evaluation developed by a Grandmaster
  • Multi-core support (up to 128 cores)
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