How to install Komodo 8 in Android

Komodo 8 runs on 32-bit Android systems. The Android version supports multicore devices and the full set of UCI options (including Syzygy tablebases, if you have them installed on your phone! [see Note #1 below]).

This document describes installation of 'komodo-8-android'. [see Note #2 below]

Step 1: Copy komodo-8-android to your device

You must copy komodo-8-android to your device. There are a number of ways to accomplish this:

The Dropbox case is typical:

Step 2: Adding Komodo to an Android chess GUI

Installing the engine into an Android chess GUI is fairly straightforward. Let's take the case of Chess for Android from Aart Bik:

Chess for Android

Other apps work similarly, although each app has its own peculiarities. Let's stay in Chess for Android for a moment to select and configure Komodo 8.


It would be impossible to exhaustively describe this process for every available Android chess GUI, but you'll find help for a couple more popular apps described below. In general, you should consult the documentation for your app of choice to learn about the installation options available.

Scid on the Go

Scid on the Go is a little different than most Android GUIs in that the engine file has to reside in a particular location on your SD card. Repeat the first step, copying the engine file to your device, but navigate to the path /sdcard/scid/. You'll export/save the engine there (saving a second copy). Then:

Analyze This

Chess PGN Master

Chess PGN master supports the full spectrum of UCI options. From the preferences screen, choose "Engine options" to get the full list. Komodo 8 for Android can take advantage of all UCI options available to the desktop version of the engine, including Syzygy tablebases.

  1. UCI option support depends on the GUI app you are using. At the time of this writing, only Chess PGN Master supports Komodo's full range of UCI options.

  2. There are two versions of Komodo 8 for Android available, the executable delivered with the Komodo 8 release package, and a special version available from the Google Play Store (must be purchased separately). Although this document is not about installation of the Play Store version, that version is required in order to use Komodo in ChessBase's "ChessBase Online" app, and offers improved ease of installation with other Android apps, such as Chess for Android or Chess PGN Master.